An Introduction to the Open Blog

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Unlike the Resources section of my website, posts here will have nothing to do with mobile app marketing.

Why would I do that?

One of they buzzwords in the digital marketing industry (and likely others) right now is “transparency.” The problem is that I don’t see very many companies living by this mantra. They say they are “transparent” but when it comes down to it they are not.

They buy media ‘transparently’, but their profit margins are not.

They ‘collaborate’ with clients, but they don’t share their processes.

They share all the good news, and never the bad.

Is this a true definition of being transparent?

This is why, along with starting my business, I’m dedicating time to contribute to this Open Blog. It’s a place for me to be open about the challenge of starting and growing a company. I can share my thoughts on the principle-agent problem (more on that later), how it affects B2B relationships, and my experience trying to minimize it.

I can also share:

  • Company progress reports.
    • Challenges I have.
    • Mistakes I’ve made.
    • What I’ve learned.
    • What’s going well.
  • What charities I’m supporting as part of my initiative for good.
  • Interesting initiatives I’m involved with at my coworking community (If you’re in Calgary do yourself a favour and check out WorkNicer).
  • Work-culture (not much to share yet, I can dream right?)
  • And more.

There are no rules here. Some of the posts will be very short. Others will be longer. Sooner than later I also plan to accompany each post with video content.

I’m planning to post new content here at least every few weeks, but have no firm goals. I think part of being transparent is being consistent with my updates. I can’t be truly transparent if I am not sharing!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you.

Stay tuned for the next one!

Feature Image (as seen in blog preview and on social media) by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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